Here I will introduce HG50 welded pipe machine cantilever type. This machine is good for those who needs make various types small pipes within the wall thickness 0.5-3.0mm, and pipe diameter from 10-60mm. HG50 welded pipe machine also work at the speed of 30-80m/min.

Working Principle:

For welding, it makes full use of two sciences-high-frequency current Skin-Effect and Adjacency Effect to make the current concentrate on the edge, then the temperature will reach to the point of welding. Then we can make the sheet to pipe by rolling and make the edge melting to one.

Features of HG50 welded pipe machine:

  • Two types available for you to choose cantilever type and gantry type.
  • Support various type materials like carbon steel, hot rolled coil, low carbon steel and others.
  • Support material thickness from 0.5-3mm.
  • Support pipe diameter from range 10-60mm.
  • Easy and fast to change mould.
  • Able to make various types pipes like round, square, oval and others.
  • Lower energy consuming, lower workforce consuming and others.

Here are some basic parameters for your reference:

 Main elements introduction
DecoilerDouble head decoiler-inner expanding manual
Material width: 39.88~200mm
Material thickness: 0.4~2.0mm
Outside diameter:Φ900~1800mm
Inner diameter: Φ500~520mm
Max weight: 2500kg
Main roll formingmachine part:Coil leveling and feeder part1 set
Diameter: Φ60mm
Material: 40Cr
cantilever type, change roller at the side of machine
vertical roller: 5 sets
Mode: Passive rotation
Material: 45# steel
Diameter: Φ30mm
Machine for removing weeded sacra1 set
Guide roll stand for controlling direction of pipe seam to insure pipe seam flatly and straightly entering into extruding rollers.1 Set
One set of extruding roll stand for controlling weld seam to realize successful welding.1 set
Scraper frame for scraping outside weld seam1 set
Installation bed along with forming machine1 set
Water cooling device2 set
Size diameter partMainly fine shaping pipe after welding and controlling size accuracy.Horizontal roll stand and vertical roll stand.(structure same as forming device)
Roughly straightening machine frameType: Turk’s head type, 4 rolls two side
One installation bed along with sizing main machine.1 set
Drop tube stand:It is welded frame type by plate, with part that can give signals for guiding the length.
Runout tableCustomize according to customer need.

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